Men’s T-Shirt

The casual charm: T-shirts for men

T-shirts are a style of shirt in shape of T made with body and sleeves.T-shirts generally feature a round neck, short sleeves and no collar. Men’s t-shirts are the coolest of casual attire as they are made of cotton fiber and have a distinctive soft texture.

Crew neck t-shirts

These t-shirts are collarless having a round neckline and are often worn with other layers. The neckline is quite close-fitting. These look fantastic with unbuttoned shirt worn over them, paired with denims and sneakers.

Polo t-shirts

These kinds are basically a form of shirt with a collar, a placket with two or three buttons and an optional pocket. They are also known as golf shirt or tennis shirt.

V neck t-shirts

These t-shirts have a v-shaped neckline. These are good for men with short necks as they get to flaunt their neck wearing this t-shirt and thereby look longer than their height.

Half sleeve t-shirts

These t-shirts are very common amongst elderly men as well as teenagers. These are cool to wear casually with a pair of jeans or shorts. UCB offers very trendy t-shirts for men in variant styles. The brand is also known for its fantastic range of colours and amazing prints.
Full sleeve t-shirts.



Men’s t-shirts have become an essential wardrobe element and a man in the modern age can’t think of stepping out all the time wearing a shirt. They prefer something lighter, cheekier and comfy to slip on while taking a stroll or gathering with friends for a small chit chat. At such times, pulling over a t-shirt is not just a smart act but also very cool and time saving!