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Safety First

At KING’SBOURNE GLOBAL EXPORT INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, safety is a part of the corporate culture. This includes infrastructural, employee, environmental and community safety. Starting with employee induction, safety training is conducted periodically. A number of safety initiatives have been designed in association with a global expert to ensure safest manufacturing processes and systems.
These initiatives include:

  • Use of high-end technologies to recycle discharge, progressively leading to a zero manufacturing discharge status.
  • Three-tier safety committees to monitor safety initiatives, standard operating procedures as well as process and working standards for R&D and manufacturing units.
  • Round-the-clock medical care and mandatory safety training for all employees.
  • Use of sophisticated equipment to monitor plant air quality (inside and ambient).


Safety Vision

Our safety vision is inspired by the succinctly stated goal:

To become a world-class, safety-driven manufacturing organisation by conducting business processes and operations with a commitment towards the highest standards of safety, health and environment. As our garments unit does not generate effluents, impact on the environment and
community is relatively lower.


Safety goal

Our safety vision is inspired by the succinctly stated goal:

‘Zero incident’.

We believe the goal of a zero incident workplace is achievable by developing and maintaining management systems that allow us to control risk by ensuring engineering controls and administrative controls. Our ultimate goal is to have zero accidents, zero injuries and zero fatalities – leading to ‘zero incident’.


Our safety principles

The Company has formulated seven safety principles:

      • Safety is a core organisational value.
      • Management is responsible for preventing injuries.
      • All injuries can be prevented and occupational exposures minimised.
      • All incidents must be reported and acted upon.
      • Working safely is a condition of employment and contract.
      • Training employees in safety is essential.
      • Safety ensures good business.


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King'sBourne Global Export Pvt. Ltd. Ensure escalating productivity standards at the lowest operating cost, offering our customers products of the highest quality at the most competitive prices.


King'sBourne Global Export Pvt. Ltd. will To become one of the leading institution in fashion, textiles & design education and research & partnership.


King'sBourne Global Export Pvt. Ltd. started its journey in December 2017. The success behind quick production and Fast delivery is our Composite unit.

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