Mission and Vision


“Clothing doesn't really change a man. But it changes how others react to him.”



    • To set a precedent in the global manufacturing industry through continuous innovation,exceptional products, focused services and enhanced customer satisfaction to the entire benefit of all shareholders, financial institutions and associates including our management staff, supervisors and labour staff
    • To become one of the leading institution in fashion, textiles & design education and research & partnership.



      • Deliver on-time, every time, anywhere within Asia.
      • Keep a sharp eye on product quality and put in all efforts to continuously raise the bar.
      • Comply flawlessly with all statutory regulations required by our customers in any country.
      • Create a logistics infrastructure that adheres to the highest levels of efficiency and seamlessly blends with our customers’ supply chain.
      • Ensure escalating productivity standards at the lowest operating cost, offering our customers products of the highest quality at the most competitive prices



KING’SBOURNE GLOBAL EXPORT INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED drives innovation through a focus on niche product manufacture, cutting-edge technology and superior people capabilities


Valuing people

We value people capabilities. Our unique ‘People and Process Paradigm’ helps address regulatory compliance, innovation and creativity.


Peak performance

We seek to build a sustainable organisational ecosystem where one is constantly motivated to attain new heights and empowered to discover new growth avenues. Our performance in the
past couple of years stands testimony to this pursuit.



Our quality initiative covers product quality, operational discipline, environmental quality and a superior life quality for all the people associated with us.


Harmony with society

We seek to balance our environmental impact and economic interests. We are committed to the development of society, culture and economy; we respect laws, demonstrate high ethical standards and preserve the environment.

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“We need houses as we need clothes, architecture stimulates fashion. It’s like hunger and thirst — you need them both.”